Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose Formthotics

Why do we need foot support?

For those of us who live in cities, we walk on flat, hard surfaces almost every day. As our feet flatten and adapt to these unyielding surfaces, malalignment of our lower limbs occur, putting excessive stress on our joints. Over time, this continual stress on our joints leads to overuse injuries, such as heel spur, knee pain and lower back ache, and eventually osteoarthritis.

How are Formthotics insoles different from other brands?

Formthotics insoles do not simply provide arch support, but simulate a soft, yielding surface that naturally supports your feet, adjusting your gait so that your limbs are properly aligned and functioning optimally.

Where can I find more information on Formthotics?

To find out more about the brand, you may visit; to find out more about us, the official distributor of Formthotics in Singapore, you may visit For consultation and customisation of your Formthotics insoles, you may get in touch with us at or drop us an enquiry at

How to choose the right
Formthotics model

What do I need to consider when buying Formthotics insoles?

Formthotics insoles come in different combinations of shape, density and size. Other than your foot size, two important questions to ask yourself are: (1) What kind of shoes will you be using the insoles with? Your answer to this question will help you decide on the shape. (2) Do you currently have any pain in your foot that may require extra support in a specific area? Your answer to the second question will help you decide on the density (hardness).

What if I realised the size or model is not correct after receiving my order?

We will be happy to help you with an exchange or return within 30 days upon receipt of order, provided your insoles are in their original condition and packaging. Simply write in to us at with your order ID (found on the order details page) and our customer support team will advise you on what to do.

Where can I find expert advice on getting the right Formthotics insoles?

If you're currently experiencing foot pain or other joint-related issues and are considering custom orthotics, please drop us an email at or submit an enquiry at and we will advise you on whether a custom fitting is required.

Formthotics usage
and care

I'm using Formthotics for the first time - what should I expect?

If you've never used Formthotics insoles before, it might take time getting used to the snug fit and adjusting to the increased level of support. Your Formthotics should feel more comfortable over time. If you wish to consult our Formthotics specialist, please drop us an email at

How do I clean my Formthotics insoles?

Firstly, remove any dirt from the surface of the insoles using a soft brush (a used toothbrush with soft bristles works fine). Wash the insoles in warm soapy water, then rinse them with clean water. Finally, wipe off any excess water and leave them to air-dry before placing them back in your shoes.

When should I replace my Formthotics?

Generally, Formthotics insoles are very durable, often lasting longer than your shoes. However, when there is visible deterioration of the insoles or when your pain has returned after wearing the insoles for several months, it might be time to replace them or book an appointment with our Formthotics specialist for a check. For appointment booking, please drop us an email at

Returns & Exchanges

What is your return and exchange policy?

You may exchange your Formthotics insoles in their original condition and packaging within 30 days upon receipt of order if the size or model does not fit you. Return is possible if we do not have the size or model you're looking for. Please email us at with your order ID (found on the order details page) and our customer support team will assist you with an exchange or return.

What if I'm not sure which size or model I should exchange my insoles for?

It is best to bring your insoles and the shoes you wish to use them with to our office at 302 Sims Avenue, Smart Suites, #05-18 S(387516), so that our specialist can properly advise you on the right size and model. Please email us at with your order ID (found on the order details page) to make an appointment for exchange/return.

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